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The Zorn House

The Zorn House is one of the most well-known artist homes in Sweden. Built and decorated around the turn of last century by Anders and Emma Zorn, it remains today almost untouched since their time.

Already in 1886, Zorn had acquired a vacant lot near Mora church and moved a small wooden house to the property, which became the nucleus for the couple’s Mora home. Designed by the artist himself, the structure combined local timberwork traditions with the architecture of English houses and Zorn’s conception of Viking-era dwellings – simultaneously rustic and refined, grand and cozy. Artistic craftwork from Dalarna mixed boldly with items of great value acquired from abroad: woven tapestries, silver pieces, antique sculptures, and paintings by old masters. Behind the rather discreet facade was a home equipped with every conceivable luxury: refrigeration, stainless-steel kitchen counters, central heating, hot and cold running water, even a vacuum cleaner.

Additions were constantly made to the house, but by about 1910 it was finished to the state we know it today, surrounded by a garden with berry bushes and fruit trees and adorned with a fountain sculpture in bronze made by Zorn himself. In the garden is the artist’s studio, housed in a medieval house with visible timber walls and wooden ceilings that dates to 1290.

The Zorn House is only shown in groups led by a guide.

The Zorn House is unfortunately not handicapped accessible and is not suitable to visit with walkers, wheelchairs or strollers.