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Zorn Collections

Like many other artists, Zorn collected art and antiquities. The collections have a broad span and include, amongst many other things, 180 etchings by Rembrandt. Initially, Zorn’s acquisitions were intended mainly to decorate his studio with class. Later in life, he and his wife conceived the idea of a museum, an idea that was made a reality by Emma in 1939.

During his life Zorn acquired considerable wealth and would eventually become a great philanthropist. In their joint will, he and his wife Emma bequeathed all their collections and almost their entire fortune to the Swedish State. The Zorn Collections (Zornsamlingarna) consist of the Zorn Museum, the Zorn House, the open-air museum, Zorn’s Gam­mel­­gård, and the artist’s studio in the wilderness, Gopsmor. Thanks to this donation, generations of visitors have benefited from their generosity and have been able to enjoy Zorn’s prolific body of work.