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Gerda Boëthius Memorial Foundation

Gerda Boëthius Memorial Foundation was created in 1962 in memory of the first director of the Zorn Collections, Gerda Boëthius (1890-1961). Each year the Foundation awards one or more grants for scientific research in topics closest to her: art history, ethnology and handcraft. No official application form exists. Instead, applicants are asked to send in such details and information that are relevant for the project, including a cost estimate.

In recent years, grants have normally been awarded to postgraduate or postdoctoral researchers. Otherwise, there are no specified prerequisites. Grants are announced in August.

Application deadline

Applications for 2019 must be received by 13th of April at the latest.
Send your application to:

Zorn Museum
Box 32
792 21 MORA

For further information, please contact:
Museum Director Johan Cederlund