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The Vikings Begin

September 23, 2022 – April 16, 2023

This fall, step into the magical, mystical world of the early Vikings…

In late September, the travelling exhibition The Vikings Begin will arrive at the Zorn Museum. This will be its only, and final, stop in Sweden after a four-year American tour. The exhibition, created by Uppsala University Museum, includes dozens of exquisite, 1,300-years-old original artifacts from the centuries leading up to the Viking Age.

In 2015, three prominent researchers at the university received funding for the ten-year project “The Viking Phenomenon”. One aim of the project is to closely study the emergence of Viking society by looking at the developments within the Scandinavian Iron Age culture that existed before the Vikings. The rich archaeological finds from graves in eastern Sweden tell a complex and interesting story about why and when Viking society actually emerged.

The Vikings Begin uses cutting-edge research and a collection of world-class objects to shed new light on the origin of the Viking Age.