Zorn the Ztory

The Zorn Museum releases a new app!

Now there is an opportunity to learn more about Anders Zorn’s life and works via your mobile phone.

– It is very satisfying to be able to spread knowledge about Zorn in this way, especially to those who are unable to visit us in Mora, says Museum Director, Johan Cederlund.

The app includes an audio guide where you can listen to stories about oil paintings and watercolors. A digital tour of Zorn House and a gallery of photographs from Zorn’s time are also offered here. A completely new way for the Zorn Museum to present the artist is the game “Zorn the Ztory”, where you can follow the famous artist on his travels around the world in a playful and easy way.

The app, which is both in Swedish and English, can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play under the name “Zornmuseet”. It has been created through a collaboration between the Zorn Museum, Visit Dalarna and the company Tension in Dalarna.

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