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Artists Around Lake Siljan – ZORN AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES

May 9 – September 1 2024

At the end of the 19th century, many artists and writers left Stockholm and Paris to settle in the Swedish countryside. The most attractive landscape was Dalarna. Several artists came to work around lake Siljan – in villages like Leksand, Tällberg, Siljansnäs and Mora, as in the case of Anders Zorn. Some of them were passionate about the local culture of Dalarna and stayed here permanently. Others were driven to the area by the magnificent nature or simply to seek peace in their artistic creation for a shorter period.

In addition to Zorn’s famous paintings and watercolors, this exhibition presents works by Hugo Alfvén, Gustav Ankarcrona, Emerik Stenberg, Ottilia Adelborg, Gustaf Theodor Wallén, Helmer Masolle and other artists who may be less famous today, but whose works are well worth highlighting.