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June 1 – August 31, 2018

For Swedish artists, the world abroad always had a strong allure. Nevertheless, few of them voluntarily threw themselves into this vast unknown. Anders Zorn was one of the few who did. Zorn, who more likely than any other artist is associated with Mora and Dalarna, lived in fact a hectic cosmopolitan life, continually traveling from place to place in a restless chase after new motifs and new commissions. Stockholm, London, Paris, Madrid, Constantinople, Chicago, Hamburg, New York… Zorn blended in wherever he went, adapting himself effort­lessly to the new foreign cultures. At the same time he was always longing for the genuine and down to earth life in Mora. One day, a great man of the world, dressed in a tuxedo in a beautiful gallery, the next day, a country lad from Dalarna in his traditional costume among fiddlers and dancing youth.