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Zorn: For All Your Money’s Worth

February 12 – September 4, 2022

After a successful exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm, during the summer of 2021 and after having been shown in both Holland and Denmark, Zorn’s famous works are now back in Mora. In preparation for 2022, the Zorn Museum is amping up with a magnificent exhibition where the artist’s virtuoso water studies, dazzling portraits and iconic images from Dalarna are spiced up by more unknown works. Take the chance to meet Anders Zorn in an exhibition that fills the entire museum and that includes all the genres Mora’s famous son worked in. “If you doubt your own ability, you do not create great things,” Zorn once said. The exhibition Zorn: For All Your Money’s Worth bears witness to this famous statement; the museum will display a lifetimes worth of work that not only led to outstanding success for the artist himself, but which even today, a hundred years after his death, captivates and fascinates.