From Manet to Gauguin – French art during Zorn’s time 2021-03-01T13:29:24+01:00


12th of June – 5th of September, 2021

For eight years, Anders Zorn and his wife Emma lived in the capitol of arts, Paris. Zorn’s acquaintances there were tremendous. Although he spent most of his time with friends from Scandinavia, Germany and the US, he also had contact with French colleagues such as August Rodin, Edgar Degas and Auguste Renoir – names that today belong to the most famous in art history and which usually draw large audiences to museums.

In the exhibition, the Zorn Museum presents a wide spectrum of French masters. Here you will meet artists, who in Zorn’s time were praised by audiences and critics, but who have now fallen outside the history books, alongside well-known greats like Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and Cézanne, those who paved the way for modernism. Never before has a collection of works of similar prestige been exhibited in Dalarna.

The main attraction of the exhibition is the painting Young Boy Peeling a Pear by Éduard Manet, an artist Zorn admired. The painting was also owned for a time by Zorn, who received it from a friend in Paris, before donating it to the National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm; now being shown for the first time in Mora.

The exhibition at the Zorn Museum is a collaboration with the National Museum, while they hosts a grand exhibition on Zorn in Stockholm.

The exhibition From Manet to Gauguin – French art from Zorn’s time is on display at the Zorn Museum in Mora during the summer of 2021.