Summer Exhibition 2019 Zorn & Carl Larsson – art and friendship 2019-08-27T11:47:01+02:00

ZORN & CARL LARSSON – art and friendship

May 30 – Sept 1 2019  EXTENDED UNTIL 29th OF SEPTEMBER

A few months after Swedish artist, Carl Larsson’s death in 1919, his wife Karin wrote to Anders Zorn: “Yes, you have been such an outstanding artist friend to Carl, something that is extraordinary within art history.” Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn had come to know each other early on, when they both attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, and over the years they develop a deep friendship. In the summer of 2019, the Zorn Museum draws attention to this friendship in a special exhibition. Through letters, works of art and mutual gifts, we follow the close relationship of the two artists, a relationship that over time also included their wives and the children of the Larssons.